The Medipex NHS Innovation Awards aims to uncover and showcase innovative ideas for new technologies and other interventions designed to deliver service improvements and patient benefits. Identification of these ideas enables the Medipex team, and the innovator’s employing organisation, to provide bespoke advice and hands-on support to assess and progress those ideas with the most potential. Around 1000 new ideas have been identified this way since the start of the awards in 2005.

The last Medipex NHS Innovation Awards took place live, online (using Zoom) on 13 March 2024.

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Why you should enter

This event is an opportunity to acknowledge and promote the achievements of NHS staff, and their collaborators from other sectors, who are working hard to improve patient care. Entering offers the opportunity to showcase your novel idea, attract potential collaborators and engage downstream users of the innovation. We also aim to offer prizes to help drive the best projects forward. Find out more about our previous finalists and winners.

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Medipex is a healthcare innovation hub that provides expert advice and hands on support to individuals and teams that are developing novel healthcare interventions designed to deliver patient benefit. Our multidisciplinary team can help you progress your idea through to commercialisation.

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