Video Requirements


Please include as a minimum:

  1. Introduction to the lead applicant (and project team where applicable)
  2. Brief outline of the problem/clinical need that your innovation is designed to address
    • Include facts and figures where possible e.g. number of patients that could potentially benefit
    • State how widespread this problem is e.g. local, national, international?
  3. Very brief statement of the type of solution (We are developing, or have developed, a... [e.g. training course, toolkit, medical device, diagnostic method, software package etc] to address this problem
    • Please do NOT include any other details of the innovation in the video, or show the innovation, since this will be made public and may jeopardise your IP protection.
  4. Brief description of where have you got to so far with innovation development and what are the next steps to take it towards being used in practice? Examples may include:
    • We have produced a prototype device and carried out simulation studies. Next we plan to...
    • This is currently just an idea and we plan to take it forward by...
    • This is already in use within our organisation and we plan to roll it out to other organisations by...
  5. What are the proposed benefits that your innovation will deliver, and who will benefit?
    • Think about various stakeholders including patients and their families, NHS staff, organisations. Examples of benefits may include improved patient care, faster recovery, reduced burden on patients/hospitals, improved efficiencies, cost savings, environmental benefits, staff health and wellbeing improvements etc.


Videos should be no longer than two and a half minutes in duration. Any videos longer than two and a half minutes may result in your application being disqualified. Please produce your video in a landscape format. Videos do not have to be professionally produced. Simply talking to your smartphone camera, or recording yourself talking over a video-calling platform (e.g. MSTeams, Zoom), or even recording audio against a powerpoint presentation will be perfectly adequate. Please contact should you require any advice.

Acceptable formats: MP4, MOV
Maximum video file size: 500mb
File naming: Please use the name of your Lead Contact/Team Representative (as used on page 1 of your entry form) as the video file name.

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